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For any technical queries please email our technical team, at subject Tech Query

Firstly, we have have had a few e-mails from listeners who have been unable to listen to us. This may because of a previous book mark you may of set up - if this is the case please click on 'Live Streaming' link on this or any of our website pages including this page.
 This will take you to our new streams.



Now Hot 'n' Gold is broadcasting in stereo we have received a small number of emails from listeners saying that the audio is breaking up. This is because Hot 'n' Gold now broadcasts in stereo and as a consequence, our bit rate has gone from 32k and 128k.

It is still possible to receive good quality audio from our station through a standard dial-up connection as long as it's a good one, i.e. 36k or greater.

If you have a poor quality dial-up connection, this can be caused by line conditions or the use of a line sharing device, you should consult your telephone provider to see if they can improve your connection quality or, you may like to consider upgrading your Internet connection to a much faster Broadband type. (There are world-wide deals for broadband right at this moment) Broadband Internet can be obtained from either your telephone line provider or from your local cable TV operator.

We have been made aware recently of an issue arising through the use of some pop up blockers. The purpose of a pop up blocker is to remove pop up advertisements. As some pop up blockers cannot differentiate very well between content and adverts it is possible that when following certain links that the link appears not to work.

It is not a problem with the link but that the pop up blocker is too strict ! This issue applies to all web sites including Hot 'n' Gold does not use pop up advertisements and hence you can safely turn off your pop up blocker whilst surfing the Hot n Gold site. Don't forget to turn it back on when you visit an external internet site!

If your pop up blocker is too strict we recommend either the Google or Yahoo Toolbars which both have been tested on the hot'n'gold web site without a hitch.


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